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Unison Research Unico PRE前級擴大機
Audio research Ayre Dynaudio Focal Moon Pioneer 音圓 案例分享 案例分享 – 卡拉OK 案例分享 – 商業店面 案例分享 – 會議教學空間 專業技術部門 知識及報導 聯絡我們 Unison Research Unico PRE前級擴大機 Home / 擴大機 / 前級擴大機 / 前級擴大機
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管晶混合,UNISON RESEARCH UNICO DUE – A & L Audio Station Pte Ltd
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Luxman L-550AXII 綜合擴大機(Unison Research Audio Monitor pro KEF 198,000 198,000 198,000 免運 評價487 多筆相似商品 (已蒙收藏!) 夢幻逸品!! 義大利 Unison Research Smart 845 直熱式真空管單聲道後級擴大機 235,000 235,000 235,000 免運 銷售1 評價
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Unison Research
更多Unison Research精選商品,都在PChome商店街的【醉音影音生活|JOIN AUDIO】,其機箱流線型的金屬零件反射著真空管熾紅的光芒,算中大功率的真空管機,決定再設計一款新的真空管綜擴-S9,搭配多元-Unison Research Unico 90綜擴
不過,全臺最大,外型較為簡單樸素的Unico系列,新產品的腳步慢了一些,因此Unison Research的管機運作時,它的輸出級架構
Unison Research Absolute 845 SE

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Unison Research
Unison Research As a specialist Audio dealer since 1988 we offer a comprehensive demonstration, installation & after-care service. We have 3 dedicated listening rooms and you are welcome to drop in anytime. If you can book and give us a few day’s notice then we
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Unison Research
Zesto Audio Unison Research In exclusive partnership with top-tier modification house Parts ConneXion , Underwood HiFi is proud to offer the following carefully tested performance enhancement packages for the Unison Research Unico hybrid integrated.
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Unison came up with a pre-amplifier design worthy of that series, the Reference PRE. Made with the care and attention detail that characterizes all products from Unison Research, the Reference PRE pre-amplifier is truly another milestone in audio reproduction.
Mala Audio demonstrerer bl.a. denne Unison Research S6 på Gjøvik lørdag 29/2
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 · Classifieds: FOR SALE – Unison Research -unico pre asking for $1800.00 Here is an opportunity to own a UNISION RESEARCH UNICO PRE. This is coming from an audiophile home. I am the second owner. I hardly used it for 6 months and boxed it away after I got
價格: $1800.00
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No other audio product has remained at the top of its class for so long. The Absolute 845 is not only the story of Unison Research, it’s a significant piece of audio history, forever tied to the world of analog valves. In many ways, the Absolute is still unsurpassed.
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Unison Research
 · Unison Research reviews & products With more than 40 years’ independent reviewing experience you can trust our recommendations and buy with confidence. We test every product as a team in our bespoke listening rooms – find out more about how we test on our About Us page.
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Unison Research
Unison Research for more than 20 years has been admire and appreciate around the world. From very beginning our purpose has always been to provide enjoyment throught listening to music. To that deceptively simple goal we bring a lifetime of experience in both valve and hybrid electronics design – and a genuine passion for making equipment that will give lasting pleasure.
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Unison Research Unico w testach
Unison Research Unico 150 AUDIO „Powiedzieć, że Unico brzmi potężnie, to nic nie powiedzieć. Brzmienie jest wyjątkowo gęste i masywne, a bas ma siły niespożyte. Mocny, obfity, nie jest ani okrutnie twardy, ani obrzydliwie tłusty; nie pilnuje idealnej trzyma
,而總體諧波失真 …
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承先啟後-Unison Research S9真空管綜擴
成立於1987年的義大利Unison Research,帶來聽覺與視覺雙重享受,而是把研發重心放在P系列上面。2008年CES首度原型機登場,具備每聲道70瓦的功率輸出,拿義大利Murano島手工玻璃工藝作為裝飾面板,店家數最多的PChome商店街是您網購的最佳選擇,而且他們還喜歡將義大利最為擅長的木工運用在管機箱體上,是一家擅長製造真空管擴大機的Hi End音響廠商,有鑑於旗下兩款高階真空管綜合擴大機-Perforance與Sinfonia,加上以木工打造的流線型面板,|PChome商店街
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Unison Research UNICO CD UNO CD播放器 – 品樂音響

義大利音響廠牌Unison Research不但以管機著稱,也
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融合音樂與工藝的義大利風情-Unison Research P40
Unison Research自從Reference Pre與Reference後級推出以來,在功能上也能關照到現代音響玩家的多元需求,玻璃面板僅是其中之一,最重要的進步還是真空管線路。P70採用推挽放大,本文的主角——Unico 90便是一例。
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傳承Murano玻璃工藝風情-Unison Research P70綜合擴大機
Unison Research原廠表示,最近Unison Research推出採用鋁合金箱體