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Distal radial fracture
Distal radial fractures are a heterogeneous group of fractures that occur at the distal radius and are the dominant fracture type at the wrist. These common fractures usually occur when significant force is applied to the distal radial metaphysis.
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Distal Radius Fracture
Fracture of the distal radius with or without fracture of the distal ulna. Epidemiology Most common upper extremity fracture (> 300,000 per year) in the United States. Accounts for 17.5% of all fractures in adults. There is a bimodal distribution: Occurs in younger
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Distal Radius Fractures
 · Clinical Practice Guideline on Distal Radius Fractures Clinical practice guidelines (CPG) provide evidence-based recommendations for current orthopaedic diagnostic, treatment, and postoperative procedures. Multidisciplinary clinician work groups and AAOS staff
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Distal Radius (Wrist) Fracture (Adults)

 · PDF 檔案You have sustained a fracture to your distal radius (wrist). This is located at the bottom of your forearm, just below your thumb joint. Occasionally you may also have a small chip fracture at the top of your ulna, which is the other wrist bone that sits below the
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Distal Radius Fractures: Treatment Options

 · PDF 檔案treatment of fractures of the distal radius. J Hand Surg 1999;24B(5):604-9. Patient’s Trauma 46 year old male sustained injury from a fall while roller skating Sustained markedly displaced, comminuted and impacted fracture of the left distal radius
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Distal Radius Fracture
Non-displaced Distal Radius Fracture (torus Fracture, buckle Fracture) Immobilize in a Short Arm Cast for 3 weeks Removable splints have been used with similar outcomes to Casting Williams (2013) Pediatr Emerg Care 29(5):555-9 +PMID:23603644 [PubMed]
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A Distal Radius Fracture involves breaking the end of the radius within a couple of inches of the wrist joint. There are many variation of a Distal Radius Fracture; the fracture may or may not extend into the wrist joint itself and the broken piece of bone may or may not move out of place.
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Distal Radius Fracture Fixation in the Elderly
 · Fractures of the distal radius are increasingly common, resulting in a cost of $170 million to Medicare alone. They represent the most common fracture of the upper extremity and are the second most common fracture overall in women > 60 years of age.With
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– involvement of distal radio-ulnar joint; – there may be dislocation of the ulna from the sigmoid notch; – comminution: – dorsal surface is frequently comminuted; – if comminution extends volar to midaxial plane of radius, then cast
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Differentiating stable buckle fractures from other distal …

 · We measured fracture-to-physis distance on posteroanterior (PA) and lateral radiographs for each of the isolated distal radius fractures. We analyzed diagnostic accuracy, using fracture-to-physis distance as a predictor for buckle fractures, in children ages 3-16 years.
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Distal radius fractures
 · Distal radius fractures are a common fracture of the arm, with a bimodal peak incidence between the second and third decade and individuals above 65 years of age. The mechanism of injury may be due Summary Dis tal ra diu s f ractures are a common fracture of the arm, with a bimodal peak incidence between the second and third decade and individuals above 65 years of age.
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The Recovery From Distal Radial Fracture Surgery
The radius is the larger of the two arm bones and when it is broken on the end closest to the wrist, the injury is referred to as a distal radial fracture. These injuries are actually quite common and they are particularly common in females over the age of 50. A fracture
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 · PDF 檔案DISTAL RADIUS FRACTURE ORIF ACTIVITY You may NOT bear weight with your affected arm until cleared by your physician. You should move (straighten and bend) your fingers at least 10 times per day within your comfort to decrease swelling and
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Treatment of the Neglected Distal Radius Fracture : …

hand after fracture of the distal radius will have operative treatment, whereas older patients, patients who are infirm, or patients with very low physical demands usually prefer to avoid surgery. Fig 2. A–B.: A 30-year-old active woman presented 8 weeks Her
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Three Distal Radius Fracture Treatments Which type of treatment will effectively address the damage that your distal radius has experienced? Your orthopaedic doctor or specialist will be able to determine the answer to that question following a thorough examination …
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Treatment for a Distal Radius Fracture
If a distal radius fracture has potentially occurred after a fall or other accident, individuals should seek urgent medical care—particularly if there is noticeable deformity, bone protruding through the skin, or the fingers are numb or losing color. See What to Do When a Wrist Injury Occurs
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Fracture of distal end of radius Type 2 Excludes physeal fractures of lower end of radius ICD-10-CM Diagnosis Code S52.501A [convert to ICD-9-CM] Unspecified fracture of the lower end of right radius, initial encounter for closed fracture Unsp fracture of the of