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The Finnish Air Force (FinAF, in Finnish Ilmavoimat) is one of the branches of the Finnish Defense Forces. The FinAF was founded on the 6th of March 1918. Throughout the years, the FinAF changed from a variety of donated or seized aircraft, into an air force that operates a mixture of modern fighters, helicopters and training aircraft.
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Finland once snuck inside the Soviet air force to bomb …

A Finnish Air Force Dornier DO-17 Bomber from the era. Finland fielded 5 of these during WWII. One by one, the returning Soviet bombers landed at Levashovo airfield. As the last squadron – the Finns – approached, they opened their bomb bays instead of their

Finnish Air Force Bf 109 G-6, MT-422 in post war …

Bf 109 G-6, MT-422, Finnish Air Force, HLeLv 31, Utti, year 1948. It was delivered to in the April 30th 1944 to 1/HLeLv 34 and than transfered to above mentione unit on 18th June 1947 where it served until January 14th 1954!

Finnish Air Force to Conduct Aerial Bombing for First …

The bombing is Finland’s first since WWII and is part of a second lifestyle update to its Hornet fighter jets. The Finnish Air Force operates a mixed fleet of 55 McDonnell Douglas (Boeing) F/A-18C Hornet single-seat multirole fighter jets (two out of the original 57
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Air War Over Finland
 · The Finnish Air Force was better prepared for the Continuation War. It had been considerably strengthened and consisted of some 550 aircraft, though many were considered second-rate and thus “exportable” by their countries of origin.
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Ar 196A “Finnish Air Force”
WWII Air War over the North > Virtual Airwar over the North > Profiles (2D & 3D) > Ar 196A “Finnish Air Force” Moderator:Eric Mombeek Share Share with: Link: Copy link 3 posts Ar 196A “Finnish Air Force” Ar 196A “Finnish Air Force” Kjetil Aakra 641 641 #1
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Finnish Air Force Officers Cap 1943 WWII WW2
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Polikarpov I-153 Chaika Finnish Air Force WWII, SBS …

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Ju88 Finnish Air Force WWII
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A Finnish WWII air force verteran was about to give a talk to an American high school. He was stereotypically Nordic: pale skin, fair hair, and a heavy accent. He introduced himself and began with a vivid description of his first dogfight in the Lapland War.
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Pe-2 Petlyakov Finland Air Force bomber WWII 1/72 …

The Finnish Air Force also operated one Petlyakov Pe-3 (PE-301) that had been captured in 1943. PE-301 and PE-215 were destroyed when Soviet aircraft bombed the Lappenranta airfield on 2 July 1944. PE-212 went down in 1943, PE-213 was destroyed in an emergency landing in 1942.
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Finnish Air Force Senior NCO WWII Uniform

A senior NCO of the Finnish Air Force at a forward base. He is wearing the ‘flight tunic’, which is made out of a coarse blue-gray wool. The cap is similar to the German M-43 cap. A full on view of the NCO. For now, we will have to ignore the pants as I have not
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A WWII Finnish Air Force fighter aircraft and a U.S. …

Download Image of A WWII Finnish Air Force fighter aircraft and a U.S. Navy F/A-18 Hornet aircraft fly side-by-side during the Western Air and Space Show at Vandenberg Air Force Base, Calif., on Oct. 30, 2004. The event is held to demonstrate the capabilities of
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I-153 , WWII Finnish Air Force Fighter (winter version) …

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Finnish Air Force Quietly Removes Swastika from …

At the end of World War II, all the aircraft belonging to the Finnish Air Force have sported a roundel made up of concentric white and blue rings. The insignia of the Finnish Air force 1918–1945. This roundel became the official emblem of the Air Force, but the blue swastika remained in many places such as squadron emblems and flags and other decorative items.