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Register your SQL Server on Azure VMs self …

 · For the first time ever, you can register your self-installations of SQL Server on Azure Virtual Machines with Resource Provider to unlock features and functionality previously only available with our Azure Marketplace images.
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Register a Resource Provider
The resource provider is registered and also configures your subscription to work with the resource provider. What to do next You can create the resources in Azure, for steps, see Configure Azure Virtual WAN for Branch-to-Azure VPN Connectivity .
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Registering the Azure Provider
For Azure, you can register Azure Service Manager (classic), Azure Resource Manager, or Azure Template Provider as described in this topic. When you register the Azure Provider by using the BMC Cloud Lifecycle Management console , you specify configuration values that enable communication between the BMC Cloud Lifecycle Management application and the Microsoft Azure cloud provider.
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[Fixed] Resource Provider ‘Microsoft.BotService’ not …

 · Click on Subscriptions on your Azure Portal. Select your subscription from the list where you want to register the Bot Service. In the left side menu, under Settings, click on Resource Providers.
The following steps are to be followed to register an application entity in Azure Active Directory:-

Register your SQL Server on Azure VMs self …

Azure DevOps Server 2020 RTW now available Build-Your-Own Machine Learning detections in the AI immersed Azure Sentinel SIEM General Availability of Private Endpoint for Web App Deploy your resources on the new Premium v3 SKU with an ARM template
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No registered resource provider found for location

 · Command Name az acr show Errors: No registered resource provider found for location ‘westeurope’ and API version ‘2019-05-01’ for type ‘registries’. The supported api-versions are ‘2016-06-27-preview, 2017-03-01, 2017-10-01, 2017-06-01-preview’. The supported
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Resource Provider
Normally you wouldn’t need to remove the App Service Resource Provider on one of your Azure Stack stamps. However, in this case, we had installed the resource provider using a single file server and a single SQL server and needed to redeploy using a highly
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Resource Providers, Resources and Powershell
In this chapter I give you a tour on all the relevant resources for building an IaaS solution with Azure Resource Manager. I then show you how you can deploy and configure these
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Invoke Azure Resource Provider actions with …

 · Recently I started to convert all my script and modules to run on Powershell Core and I soon realized I have a problem. When it comes to Azure resources, I work with a combination of both ARM and RDFE and all is good in Powershell Desktop on Windows: just load (or let Powershell load for me) both the Azure module and the combination of Az. components I need. I have now …
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Event and trigger in Azure Blob storage
Step 1: Enable resource provider for the Event Grid If you have not used “Event Grid” in your Azure subscription before, you may need to register the Event Grid resource provider. In the Azure portal: Select ‘Subscriptions’on the left menu. Select the Event Grid
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Microsoft Azure Resource Manager
In some cases, you may be required to “register” a Resource Provider with your Azure subscription, before you can utilize the Resource Types it contains. This scenario commonly occurs with Azure features that are in preview / pre-release, that Microsoft wants users to explicitly subscribe to, with the understanding that it’s still in preview.
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Using Azure Resource Management REST API in …

 · The Azure Resource Manager PowerShell module has a subset of functionality that the resource management REST API offers. Specifically, the ARM PowerShell module does not include cmdlets to get the resource provider information. Also, note that the ARM REST API requests must be authenticated using Azure Active Directory (AD)..
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Cloud Management Gateway deployment failed due …

 · Fortuantely, there’s an easy fix for this. You could either browse to your Azure Subscription through the Azure portal and register the resource provider, or use PowerShell to accomplish the same task. Option 1 – Azure Portal From within the Azure portal, select
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Unable To Find Package Providers (NuGet)
 · In this azure tutorial, we will discuss how to fix the error, Unable to find package providers (NuGet), and No match was found for the specified search criteria and provider name ‘NuGet’. Try ‘Get-PackageProvider -ListAvailable’ to see if the provider exists on the system which comes while trying to install the PowerShell Nuget and Azure PowerShell module using PowerShell …
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SQL Server on Azure Virtual Machines resource …

 · SQL Server on Azure Virtual Machines is a cost-effective lift and shift method to run SQL Server on Microsoft Azure with full control of the version, edition of SQL Server, operating system, and VM size. Today, we are revealing a new Resource Provider called Microsoft.SqlVirtualMachine, a management service running internally on Azure clusters to handle SQL Server-specific …
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Deploy an Azure Synapse Analytics workspace using an …

Azure Synapse Analytics is Microsoft’s new unified cloud analytics platform, which will surely be playing a big part in many organizations’ technology stacks in the near future. For many organizations, Azure Resource Manager (ARM) templates are the infrastructure deployment method of choice. This blog explains how to deploy an Azure Synapse Analytics workspace using an ARM template.
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Resolving “Subscription Is Not Registered” Error While …

Please re-register for this provider in order to have access to this location. (Code: MissingRegistrationForLocation)” Troubleshooting Tried to change the resource location in Azure portal, tried to move resources from one resource group to other